Two months and nineteen days

Until we say, I do!

With my wedding to the love of my life only a short time away, sometimes things can become pretty crazy! With the overflow of emotions and excitement, the overflow of worry about every little thing being perfect, and the check-list as long as your damn arm.

So here are my top five wedding tips!

Remember what is really important

It’s hard to always remember what is really important on your wedding day, especially  when you’ve spent so many months of preparation to make sure that everything is perfect. But when it really comes down to it, making sure that your partner is happy is number one. Looking back on your wedding day, what’s the harm in if the flowers aren’t quite right, or you have a little blemish on your chin. Have fun and remember to focus on what you are really there, to celebrate and commit your life to that special person.

Keep a wedding planner/journal

A wedding planner/journal is a great thing to buy right at the start. This way you can track dates, appointments, payments, guests, ect. With so many things that come up that you need, a good wedding planner/journal can be a life saver! From remembering to buy a wishing well, writing out a guest list, picking and choosing venues/bands/photographers, to hiring chairs, or a photo booth for that bit of fun for the guests, with a wedding planner/journal you can get down in writing everything you’re after, and keep track of where you are at.

Be weather smart

The weather is not always kind, and as you know, it cannot be 100% predictable. If you are having an outdoor wedding at the beach, or in gardens, a back up plan is always needed. Depending what season you are getting married, umbrellas or parasols are a great idea and can save you from a lot of hassle. Many venues these days will actually have a back up plan for you, such as moving the wedding inside if it starts to rain or is blowing a gale. Sunscreen is also something to think about if it’s a summer wedding. Supplying for the guests doesn’t cost much, and would be greatly appreciated on those hot days!

Prioritise your people

With large families, work colleges and old friends all wanting to be invited to your special day, sometimes it is hard to really pick and choose who is important to be there. But remember, it is your day. Surround yourself with the loved ones who you cherish the most. They are the people who in years to come will still be there to witness your growing love and life together, and the ones who really care.

Don’t fall to the pressure

Of course it is important to make sure that your guests and bridal party are as happy as possible on the day, but sometimes not everyone can be pleased with everything. Peer pressure can come from many different people and aspects around weddings. Whether is it from Bridal Shops trying to sell you something you’re just not sure on, our guests being picky about seating and food. Remember you do not have to cater or give in. Stand your ground on what you know yourself and your partner want for your day.

Red Rose Bouquet


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